Coring operations commence at Waitsia-3 By Martin Kovacs, 13 Jun 2017

AWE, operator of L1/L2 in the Western Australian northern Perth Basin, has advised that coring operations have commenced at the Waitsia-3 appraisal well, with the well at 3,251 m MDRT.

AWE advised that preliminary analysis shows that the target Kingia Formation was intersected on depth prognosis at 3,211 m, with two sections of core having been cut, Core #1, from 3,206–3,232 m MDRT, and Core #2, from 3,232–3,251 m MDRT, with preparations underway to cut a third section.

Following the completion of the coring operations, Waitsia-3 will be drilled to a total depth of 3,706 m before acquiring a full suite of wireline logs, AWE stated.