Comet: Humboldt South-1 completed, drilling focus to move to Mira-6 By Martin Kovacs, 7 Sep 2017

Comet Ridge has reported that the Humboldt South-1 corehole at the Mahalo Block in ATP 1191 in the Queensland Bowen Basin has been drilled, reaching a total depth of 326 m, with approximately 8.4 m of net coal intersected, with coal recovered showing gas bubbling from the core.

Comet advised that nine coal samples were placed in desorption canisters for further laboratory analysis relating to gas content and other properties, while flow tests conducted across a number of coals “indicated permeability across the main target reservoir seam and also across two shallower seams in the top of the section”.

Humboldt South-1 has been plugged and abandoned, with the upcoming drilling focus to now move to the Mira-6 horizontal pilot well, with planning advanced and spudding expected to occur during October, Comet stated.

Comet stated that the under-reamed Mira-3, 4 and 5 pilot wells have now all been brought back into production following workovers last month, with pumps in the wells performing to expectations and daily flow measurements and pressures being recorded.